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Sacred Taino Healing

Extraction Healing

Extraction Healing

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This session requires an advance consultation meeting of 15 to 20 minutes, to listen to your needs, as well as spiritual preparation time of at least four days, depending on the circumstances of your case. Please allow a week between the consultation call and the healing session for preparation time. The appointments for consultation calls are done virtually only. 

This session removes intrusions and negative energy lodged in your spiritual body -- such energy accumulates when you have been in a vulnerable place in your life or toxic environment. These unwanted intrusions create illness and pain in specific parts of the body, as well as emotional distress, which is associated to these spiritual causes. The Akutu enters on a non-ordinary state of consciousness to get the help of her compassionate spirit guides for scanning the body of the person to diagnose and gain awareness of the intrusion. Following this the Akutu extracts the intrusion out of the body through a shamanic ceremony discarding and neutralizing it to assure that it will not return. The ceremony concludes filling up the space created by the extraction with positive belief system to help you walk on your life path with purpose and meaning.

The Session

Lying down, you relax and open yourself to receive the compassionate healing of the Akutu spirit guides. The Akutu receives the instructions for the healing and translate them into hand energy healing, spontaneous chanting and the sounds of the traditional Taino drum, the mayowakan, Amazonian maraka (rattle) and Pre-Hispanic ceramic whistles. Each of the medicine songs performed in the sessions are for each of the discomforts felt by the person and unique for this particular healing.

This session lasts 1 hour conducted remotely via Zoom and 1 hour15 minutes conducted in person. In person sessions are available on Mondays only, between 1 and 6pm.

The investment for a remote session is $125
The investment for an in person session is $150


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