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2023-2024 Moon Medicine Membership

What I know about this work, when done consistently is that it’s healing, brings emotional stability, clarity of purpose, self-actualization and decolonizes spiritual beliefs. Each moon ceremony is a communal healing session. When we commit to this work, we not only better learn ourselves through growth and transformation, but we can more easily identify and understand how we can honor our individuality to better impact our community with our gifts and practices. We track our progress and see how much we've grown, what we let go of and welcomed in. Each ceremony we work with the medicine of every month in rhythm with the planetary ancestors, and get clear of what we’re shifting or growing that cycle. The shifts in deep rooted patterns and habits doesn’t just happen out of nowhere, it takes work. And every two weeks we meet again to support one another in this profound healing journey.As I step into more academia and research this year to more formally document the benefits, effects, and transformation through the Indigenous Taino Healing modalities, I invite all of you to join me in committing to your spiritual healing, remembering your ancestral legacy, and setting a new intention and trajectory for your lineage. Let’s renew our commitment to this work and say YES to consistently tending to our ancestors twice a month in communal ceremony. Will you join me for the 2023-2024 new year cycle?

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2024 Moon Ceremony Membership - Monthly

Member Benefits

  • Members Level Discount icon

    Members Level Discount

    Unlimited 10% discount on virtual healing sessions, journals, pre-recorded Remembering Series Courses, indigenous handmade ceramics by Akutu, and gift cards for loved ones. Use as many times as you’d like each month or year round.

  • Additional Support icon

    Additional Support

    Monthly call with Akutu Irka for ongoing journey interpretation of the month’s two ceremonies, open discussion and spiritual support via zoom. 

  • New & Full Moon Ceremony icon

    New & Full Moon Ceremony

    Entry for 2 virtual moon ceremonies a month. New and Full Moon Ceremonies are open to all people. Ticket can be upgraded to an In Person Ceremony for an additional $10-15 per ceremony.

  • Seasonal Guidance icon

    Seasonal Guidance

    Seasonal guidance from Akutu Irka: based on the cycles and rhythms of each Sun and Moon cycle, Akutu will share practical wisdom and guidance for working with the seasons.

Commitment Options

Annual $640 ($53/mo): Annual enrollment includes all membership benefits listed above, plus one free healing session and one personalized journey interpretation from Akutu. Enrollment is available from 3/21-3/31. Available once a year. || Quarterly $165 ($55/mo): Quarterly enrollment includes all membership benefits listed above, plus one personalized journey interpretation from Akutu. Quarterly enrollment for Spring-Summer is available from 3/21-3/31 || Monthly $59: Monthly enrollment includes all membership benefits listed above. || Single ceremony $32/$42 sliding scale. Payment plans are available through ShopPay Installments.


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