Collection: Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions with Akutu

In addition to moon ceremonies, I also offer several unique one-on-one healing sessions.

Power Animal Retrieval: Some of our indigenous relatives from the Amazon give a power animal to every child that is born in their villages. This is a belief and tradition that has been passed on for centuries.

Extraction Healing: This session removes intrusions and negative energy lodged in your spiritual body -- such energy accumulates when you have been in a vulnerable place in your life or toxic environment.

Shamanic Divination: The Akutu enters into a non-ordinary state of consciousness to get the help of her compassionate spirit guides to bring the answers to the questions requested by the person.

Breaking Patterns: From a shamanic point of view, when a person experiences a trauma or harsh difficulties in life it creates a pattern that will lodge in specific places of the body. Once there, this outdated and unwanted feeling and behavior will inform the responses to the current life situations.

Despojo/Clearing and Protection: You can benefit from this ceremony if you have experienced rough times or have been dealing with toxic people or environment for a period of time.

Shamanic Cord Cutting Ritual: In this new healing session, we will work with interpersonal relationships. It is a shamanic ritual that allows cutting a negative connection dynamic and transforming it into a healthy reciprocal relationship.

Consultation Call: In this call of 15 to 20 minutes I will listen to your needs and give you the instructions on the spiritual preparation for The Extraction Healing and Breaking Patterns healing sessions.