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Despojo- Clearing and Protection

Despojo- Clearing and Protection

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This session requires spiritual preparation time of at least four days, depending on the circumstances of your case. We have recently made changes to the way we conduct consultation calls. In lieu of a 15 minute zoom call, we are extending the session by 15 minutes and holding the consultation as part of your scheduled appointment. Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email which will also include what is needed to begin your spiritual preparation.

From a shamanic point of view, when a person experiences a trauma or harsh difficulties in life it creates a pattern that will lodge in specific places of the body. Once there, this outdated and unwanted feeling and behavior will inform the responses to the current life situations.

For breaking this pattern, the bohuti enters into a non-ordinary state of consciousness to get the help of her compassionate spirit guides. Using a Shamanic tool and spontaneous chanting, she proceeds to clear it. In the second part of the ceremony the Akutu guides the person to fill the space created by the clearing of the pattern. This allows for the installation of a new and healthy behavior where the person will embrace the present life with a strengthened sense of empowerment. The session is beneficial when you recognize a specific pattern that you want to break.

The Session

You lay down, relax and open yourself to receive the compassionate healing of the Akutu spirits guides. She receives the instructions for the healing and translate them into hand energy healing, spontaneous chanting and the sounds of the traditional Taino drum, the mayowakan, Amazonian maraka (rattle) and Pre-Hispanic ceramic whistles. Each of the spontaneous medicine songs performed in the sessions are for each of the discomforts felt by the person and unique for this particular healing.

This session lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. In person sessions are available on Mondays only.

The investment for a remote session is $125
The investment for an in person session is $150